What macabre tasks does the Vampire Agrippa demand of Vern?
Can Lawmaster find Doctor Zero before it's too late?
And what is the mysterious Vampire Moon?

Episode 1 Vampower Vern has a problem; Doc‰s VAMPIRE'S MANUAL offers an edible solution.

Episode 2
The Vampire's Task Doc tells Vern how to possess the girl of his dreams.

Episode 3 Virgin Sacrifice Doc explains the Vampire Moon Ceremony; Vern bites.

Episode 4
Descent and Despair The torments worsen; Vern whacks.

Episode 5
Over the Edge Vern hits the breaking point.
There's no way out.

Episode 6
A Vampire's Revenge Vern drinks blood and kicks ass.

Episode 7
Hanging and Swinging Vern sucks himself. Alice is enchanted but Doc is annoyed.

Episode 8
Boss Vern Vern's bad; Alice's glad; Rudy's had.

Episode 9
Over the Top Vern blows it and Alice swings. An evil plan is hatched.

Episode 10
Who Lives and Who Dies? The culmination of the series.