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9 January 1996

The situation: Doctor Zero and Vern are still corresponding. Message fragments indicate that Vern seems to truly believe he's a vampire-in-training. The things he's doing to generate "vampower" are grossing out all of us.

Disturbing evidence: My investigation of Doctor Zero's victims has revealed that very little blood was found on or inside any of the bodies. What's more, I discovered hidden punctures in veins on the feet or groin of all victims, made by some kind of pointed object like an icepick or a sharpened nail. My theory seems less far-fetched than before, that Doctor Zero is mutilating the bodies to hide the fact that he drains their blood. Information about blood cults is attached at the end of this message exchange.

As you know, we can read their messages, but Doctor Zero erases the addresses. My team is analyzing the material, without success. I'm sharing it with you as usual, my way of saying thanks for all the help we get from people like you.

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