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26 December 1995

Greetings Internet Posse and All Internet Users.

Situation so far: Doctor Zero, the online serial killer, has zeroed in on a kid named Vern. Doctor Zero met Vern in a vampire discussion group, then lured him to a private chat room. DZ claims to be a 412-year-old vampire named Agrippa. He is trying to persuade Vern that all his problems can be solved by storing "vampower" which the so-called Vampire's Manual attributes to eating live insects. If Vern falls for that nonsense, there's no telling what else DZ can make him do.

All Internet users: The Internet Posse has picked up message traffic between Doctor Zero and Vern, but DZ has some way to erase the addresses. Check out this latest exchange. If you or your friends recognize Vern or anyone else in these messages, or find some clue as to where they are coming from, let me know at once. As always, new information is appended at the end of the exchange. Good luck.

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