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I'm trying
to stop an online serial killer.

We call him DOCTOR ZERO. He meets victims online, gains their trust, then lures them to a remote area where he tortures and murders them. More specific information on Dr. Zero and his victims is attached at the end of this message exchange.

My Internet citizen's posse recently stumbled onto some message traffic fragments that fit Dr. Zero's MO. He is apparently setting up his next victim, a vampire buff named Vern. Dr. Zero always meets his victims in vampire discussion groups, then lures them to a private chat room. We don't know why he only goes after vampire freaks. But he has killed five already, and Vern may be number six.
Posse Members:

Dr. Zero has some way of erasing the message addresses and other identifying information. I need you to keep searching for message fragments.
Internet Users:

Vern, the victim, uses a digital video camera to take photos of himself and his surroundings. I will continue to post every message fragment my posse can snag. If you see or read anything that reveals the message source, email me immediately.
Vampire Enthusiasts:

Be warned. If you make contact with anyone who resembles the person called Doc in the follwing message exchange, immediately contact the police.

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