Homicide Investigation Team

18 February 1996

To: State Police Commissioner
cc: Sheriff, Skagit County
From: Sgt. Don Wolff, Investigation team leader

Subject: Vampire Moon Homicide

Please note the following:
  1. A dirt road near the scene revealed tire tracks. Footprints and drag marks on the road indicate that a human-sized object was dragged from the vehicle's trunk to the river bank, a distance of twenty-three feet. There is no sign of any struggle. No blood was found.

  2. Tire tracks on the dirt road indicate a late-model compact sedan with very worn tires. Tracks indicate that the vehicle arrived and departed twice, possibly within an hour. On its final departure it was driven north, the direction opposite the way it had come.

  3. A sheet of paper, apparently torn from a notebook, was found near the tire tracks. The drawing on the paper appears to be a woodcut print No other evidence was found. Our office is waiting for the Skagit County Coroner's report.

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