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Skagit County Coroner's Office
18 February 1996

To: Skagit County District Attorney
From: Joseph Marks, M.D. County Coroner
Subject: "Vampire Moon" murder victim


bonfire containing charred bones

The remains of one victim was found by Sheriff's Search and Rescue Team 35 on the north bank of the Skagit River, lying in the ashes of a large bonfire.
Preliminary examination reveals extensive injuries to the bones which may be indicative of the method of killing. The skeleton seems small and might be a woman or a small man. The charred condition of the bones makes identification of sex and age impossible in the field.
The skull, rib cage, left femur, and right innominate bone were found completely uncovered, possibly by an animal. No evidence was recovered from the immediate area of the bonfire that could suggest the identity of the perpetrator. Homicide investigators from the Washington State Police have also conducted an investigation, and their report is attached.
The victim's remains have been removed to the Skagit County Coroner's forensic laboratory and those results are pending.

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