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MAD MAX BY TERRY KAYE: It’s been said that George Miller, the co-writer and director of MAD MAX, was so impressed with this novelization of the film that he hired its writer Terry Hayes (credited as “Terry Kaye”) to co-script MAD MAX 2/THE ROAD WARRIOR.
BRANCHES BY MITCH CULLIN: Mitch Cullin is perhaps best known for providing the source novel for Terry Gilliam’s Southern-fried “PSYCHO-meets-DAYS OF HEAVEN” reverie TIDELAND (2005), and this earlier Cullin text is just as twisted.
ROUGH BEAST BY GARY GOSHGARIAN: Here’s an ambitious horror novel that appeared in the mid-1990s, after the horror boom of the 1970s and 80s had been officially put to rest.

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THOUGHTS ON TWIN PEAKS: THE RETURN: By now TWIN PEAKS: THE RETURN, the Showtime shepherded, David Lynch directed follow-up to 1990-91’s TWIN PEAKS, has been analyzed from every conceivable standpoint.

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