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RED RANGE BY JOE R. LANSDALE, SAM GLANZMAN: An alternately nasty and loopy "Weird Western" scripted by Joe Lansdale, the undisputed master of the format.
LAST CALL BY TIM POWERS: Here's a novel that adequately displays both the strengths and weaknesses of Tim Powers's unique brand of fantasy--or, as LAST CALL'S jacket description proclaims, "magical realism."
THE ARCHITECT OF RUINS BY HERBERT ROSENDORFER: A 1969 mind-boggler par excellence, courtesy of the good folk at Dedalus, who can always be counted on to dig up fascinating Euro-obscurities.

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COMIC-CON QUESTIONS AND CLAIMS: I won't be attending this year's Comic-Con (AAAAAARGH!), but will take this opportunity to answer some of the many questions I've been asked about the event, and debunk the silly claims I'm always hearing about it...

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