"It's a disturbing trend that seems to be worsening," Dr. Simms explained. "Yesterday Leo noticed that I have some pain from an ovarian cyst. I must have winced or something. He interpreted it as an invisible monster feeding on me. Even drew a picture of it. Very creepy."

The skin on Sam's neck began to tingle. "Oh dear. Is there anything we can do?"

"Let me assure you that there are many options here. EST might be a good choice -- electroshock therapy.'"

Sam gasped. "Hasn't his brain been cooked enough already?"

"That's a question I need to discuss with Leo. It's all moot unless we can get him to the psychiatrist. Please have him call me as soon as he gets in."

Sam hung up and sat on the bed, her face in her hands. A psychiatrist!

Suddenly she heard a familiar laugh from the kitchen. God he's alone with Amy. Hurriedly wiping her eyes, she ran back to the find Leo slicing a tomato.

"Hi, Honey. Sorry I'm late." He smiled at her. "I was having a drink with Bob Thompson, the travel editor for Look. Might have a job."

"Isn't that great, Mom?" Amy chirped. "It's a story about mountain climbing in Nepal. Maybe we can all go there for our honeymoon!"

"Hey, let's not make plans too soon, Squirt." He tapped her on the nose. "Why don't you bring me that old magazine about treking?"

Amy skipped out of the room. Leo rinsed his hands and approached Sam to kiss her.

"What is with you?" she recoiled, staring at him. "One minute you're seeing monsters, the next minute you're planning a trip to Asia? "

Leo shrugged and smiled hopefully.

"I'm cured."

Sam was aghast. "How can you be cured?" she sputtered. "Dr Simms just called and said..."

"Forget what she said. It's all in my head and I'm gonna just ignore it. It's over. End of story." He sniffed the air appreciatively. "Say, that meat loaf smells fantastic doesn't it? Amy was inspired."

Wait, wait!" Sam shook her head, disbelieving. "What about your drawings?"

Leo dumped the chopped tomato into a salad bowl. "Burned them. No loss to the art world." He stopped fussing with the dinner and turned to Sam. "Look, Sweetie, I'm so sorry about all this. More than I can say. But I'm okay now. I'm a reasonable guy. Really. Wanna try me out?" He opened his arms to her.

Sam hesitated but she so wanted to believe him. Taking the risk she fell into him, letting his arms wrap her up. He felt thicker, stronger, the old Leo back in the saddle again.

"Ummmm," she murmured, "this is the man I know and love."