Dr. Simms reclined in an easy chair behind her desk, leafing through his notebook. "Why do you draw these things, Leo?"

"I don't know why. I only draw when the pills wear off. Maybe I have a need to show what I see. It's a record."

"You say these things -- these monsters -- are now visible to you all the time?"

"Yes. The pills don't block them any more."

"Do you see any here in this room?"



"Uhhhh·. have you got some kind of injury in your solar plexus? Maybe right under your rib cage?"

Dr Simms frowned and absently touched her abdomen. "Why do you ask?"

"There's one behind you, sniffing around your stomach. Wait...did you feel that?"

"Feel what?" The doctor was incredulous.

"It just took a nip from your belly. You've got some kind of injury that it's feeding on."

She looked down in spite of herself.

"That's pretty bizarre, Leo."

Leo knew he'd have to be more convincing. "May I use your notepad a second?" Surprised, Dr. Simms handed it to him. He quickly scribbled something on the top sheet and then returned it.

She studied the drawing in silence. Then she looked up, grave.

"Leo, I'm going to make an appointment for you this afternoon with a psychiatrist, a specialist dealing with hallucinations and the kind of delusional visions you're describing."

His neck muscles tightened. Jesus, if the doc and Sam didn't believe him, how the hell could he convince a bunch of research eggheads at the university? And what if Sam found out that he was being referred to a psychiatrist? Man, his wedding plans would be toast.

As Dr. Simms made the phone call, Leo made a decision. I can't do anything about these monsters anyway, he thought. I'm better off just getting them out of my sight. But I'll be damned if I'm going to see a psychiatrist. I'll take care of it myself.

"Leo, I've made an appointment for you tomorrow, at 3 PM," Dr. Simms said. She slid a memo across her desk. "Here's the address. Can you make it?"

"Whatever you say, Doc," he lied.