Leo ran into Amy's room, waving his arms.

"No! NO! Get OUT!"

The hovering creature recoiled in surprise. Leo ran around the bed, slapping at the thing. "GO! GO!" Staring at Leo with misshapen mirror eyes, it slunk back and vanished through a wall.

"What's wrong?" Amy sat up, startled awake.

"I'm sorry, honey, it was a mosquito. A big one."

"You woke me up, Leo." She yawned.

"Go back to sleep, Amy. I'm really sorry." As she turned over in bed, he gently covered her with the blanket and looked around to make sure the thing was gone. Amy was already asleep when he shut her door behind him.

Sitting in the kitchen, Leo opened his notebook. As before, he felt compelled to draw. The drawings frightened him. It was like vomiting up nightmares. He tried to distract himself by making sketches of Amy and Sam, but the compulsion took charge and the monsters appeared again.

Leo filled a dozen pages with his sketches. Then he stopped and rubbed his eyes. He looked again at his art. Suddenly his stomach dropped and he felt a cold truth creep up his spine.

He was not insane. The creatures were real! They were transparent bottom feeders, grazing in an interdimensional sea. Leo's mind reeled with conviction. They were parasites consuming the flesh of human energy. They punched through the dimensions to prey upon the weak and sick. Cancer, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia -- these diseases could be the result of frequent parasitic attacks! Or were they what attracted the parasites in the first place?

But he knew something else, too. He knew that they could be driven away. He proved it. If people only knew of their existence, they could defend themselves.

He looked at his notebook with new respect. These sketches could be the starting point.

"If I'm smart about it, I might be able to use this art to alert someone in authority -- like a doctor or a scientist. Then they'd find corroborative evidence."

He tore a picture out of his notebook and held it in front of him. "This picture will prove that I'm not crazy!"