Mr. Sheldon? Are you awake? Can you hear me?

A nurse peered down at him.

Oh great, Im still alive. Leo murmured, bitter. As he gradually gained full awareness, he recognized the same hospital where he had been before. He buried his face in his pillow, refusing to acknowledge anyone.


It was Sam. He couldnt bear to see her.

Leo, Honey, her voice was gentle. I have a surprise. Look whos still here -- thanks to you.

A small voice chirped from the doorway. Hey, Leo. It was Amy! He turned over and stared at her uncomprehendingly. Amy walked up and Leos kissed his cheek.

Thank you for saving my life, she smiled, laying her head on his chest.

Sam settled on the edge of the bed. Amy was a lot better by the time we got to the emergency room, she explained. They gave her a shot, but she had already passed the crisis.

You saved me, Leo. Amy said. As soon as you put your arms around me I could breathe again. Like a miracle.

Leo felt a lump in his throat as he gently hugged her, something he never thought hed be do again. Sam leaned over, touching his arm. Im sorry, Leo. He closed his eyes. The scent of Amys hair was so sweet.

His nose twitched. He didnt smell anything but Amys hair. He sat up. There was none of that sour, flatulent stink that pervaded the hospital. He blinked hard to clear his head.

Leo, are you okay? Sam was concerned. Maybe you should lie back down.

I have to see something. Pulling his skimpy hospital gown around himself, he climbed out of bed, tottered over to the door and looked out.