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What is the The Fright Site? It is a site dedicated to horror entertainment, with frightening fiction, scary movies, gruesome games, bizarre comix, stimulating movie reviews, commentary on the horror genre, and weird diversions. The Fright Site's movies and internet fiction have won numerous awards, some of which are displayed below. Online since 1995, The Fright Site is one of the oldest horror sites on the web.

Who are we? The Fright Site is developed by On&off Productions, a company that specializes in interactive entertainment and internet content.

What is our goal? To scare the pants off you!

What are Vampire Videos? An anthology series of 5-minute vampire movies, each with a twist ending. Turn your coffee break into a taste of terror.

Where do we get our material?  On&off Productions uses material created by a staff of filmmakers, writers, animators, illustrators, and horror genre scholars. Sorry, we do not currently accept submissions from the general public.

What's coming? VIRTUAL VAMPIRE, an interactive adventure. How long would you survive as a vampire? 

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