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New Reviews:
MAD MAX BY TERRY KAYE: It’s been said that George Miller, the co-writer and director of MAD MAX, was so impressed with this novelization of the film that he hired its writer Terry Hayes (credited as “Terry Kaye”) to co-script MAD MAX 2/THE ROAD WARRIOR.
BRANCHES BY MITCH CULLIN: Mitch Cullin is perhaps best known for providing the source novel for Terry Gilliam’s Southern-fried “PSYCHO-meets-DAYS OF HEAVEN” reverie TIDELAND (2005), and this earlier Cullin text is just as twisted.
ROUGH BEAST BY GARY GOSHGARIAN: Here’s an ambitious horror novel that appeared in the mid-1990s, after the horror boom of the 1970s and 80s had been officially put to rest.
TOBE HOOPER'S SALEM'S LOT: STUDIES IN THE HORROR FILM EDITED BY TONY EARNSHAW: Another entry in Centipede Press’ “Studies in the Horror Film” series, this one a book-length study of Tobe Hooper's Stephen King adapted miniseries SALEM'S LOT.
SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION: Many Tobe Hooper fanatics proclaimed it a great movie, but the best I can say for SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION is that it’s better than subsequent Hooper efforts like THE MANGLER, CROCODILE and THE TOOLBOX MURDERS--which really isn’t saying much at all!
THE MANGLER: In light of the untimely August 26, 2017 death of director Tobe Hooper, here’s a look back at one of his late period films.

New Commentary:
THOUGHTS ON TWIN PEAKS: THE RETURN: By now TWIN PEAKS: THE RETURN, the Showtime shepherded, David Lynch directed follow-up to 1990-91’s TWIN PEAKS, has been analyzed from every conceivable standpoint.
TOBE HOOPER: 1943-2017: Here we bid farewell to the brilliant, and frustratingly erratic, Tobe Hooper.

Some Past Reviews:
TIDELAND: If you ask me, this Terry Gilliam reverie is exactly what we need right now: a demanding yet enchanting, freaky as hell surreal-fest that promises to shock, bewilder and ultimately delight--though just as likely annoy--potential viewers.
THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE: Tobe Hooper's masterpiece, and one of the cornerstones of modern horror cinena.
EL TOPO: The seminal midnight movie, a mystically-oriented dream-western that still holds up.
WOHI BHAYANAK RAAT: Bollywood horror silliness--nothing more need be said!

Some Past Commentary:
SEXUALITY AND RELIGIOSITY AND VIOLENCE AND WAR AND LOVE AND EVERYTHING: THE CINEMA OF FERNANDO ARRABAL:  Just what the title says: an overview (the first to appear in English, FYI) of the films directed by Spain's demented Fernando Arrabal.
MORE ON HOLY INDIES:  My thoughts on the evengelical cinema, or "Holy Indies," phenomenon.