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New Reviews:
RED RANGE BY JOE R. LANSDALE, SAM GLANZMAN: An alternately nasty and loopy "Weird Western" scripted by Joe Lansdale, the undisputed master of the form.
LAST CALL BY TIM POWERS: Here’s a novel that adequately displays both the strengths and weaknesses of Tim Powers’s unique brand of fantasy—or, as LAST CALL’S jacket description proclaims, “magical realism.”
THE ARCHITECT OF RUINS BY HERBERT ROSENDORFER: A 1969 mind-boggler par excellence, courtesy of the good folk at Dedalus, who can always be counted on to dig up fascinating Euro-obscurities.
REFLECTIONS FROM A CINEMATIC CESSPOOL BY GEORGE KUCHAR, MIKE KUCHAR: A joint memoir by the notorious Kuchar brothers, who were at the forefront of the American underground film movement.
RAIN BY GUILLERMO BOSCH: A potent throwback to the high-class adult fiction of the sixties and seventies, and a book that fully lives up to its author's last name.
FADE-OUT BY PATRICK TILLEY: Allegedly the "Most Compelling Novel of the Unknown Ever Written"--I don't agree, but this alien contact epic is pretty damn absorbing.

New Commentary:
COMIC-CON QUESTIONS AND CLAIMS: I won’t be attending this year’s Comic-Con (AAAAAARGH!), but will take this opportunity to answer some of the many questions I’ve been asked about the event, and debunk the silly claims I’m always hearing about it...
ON HIGH SCHOOL FROM HELL: A semi-autobiographical novel by an ex-teacher, about his experiences teaching high schoolers, that's of special interest to me because, simply, I happen to be one of that teacher's former students!

Some Past Reviews:
CYCLE OF THE WEREWOLF BY STEPHEN KING, BERNIE WRIGHTSON: The second collaboration (after CREEPSHOW) between Stephen King and the late Bernie Wrightson, a beautifully designed illustrated horror novel that was made into the bad eighties movie SILVER BULLET.
EL TOPO: The seminal midnight movie, a mystically-oriented dream-western that still holds up.
WOHI BHAYANAK RAAT: Bollywood horror silliness--nothing more need be said!
THE CRAZY FAMILY: One of the greatest films by Japan's Sogo Ishii, a crazed, punk-fuelled depiction of a suburban family going collectively mad.

Some Past Commentary:
SEXUALITY AND RELIGIOSITY AND VIOLENCE AND WAR AND LOVE AND EVERYTHING: THE CINEMA OF FERNANDO ARRABAL:  Just what the title says: an overview (the first to appear in English, FYI) of the films directed by Spain's demented Fernando Arrabal.
MORE ON HOLY INDIES:  My thoughts on the evengelical cinema, or "Holy Indies," phenomenon.