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New Reviews:
THE TWENTY DAYS OF TURIN BY GIORGIO DE MARIA: One of the most interesting translations to appear in some time, this is the first-ever English version of a short novel that was originally published in Italian back in 1977.
MARS AND APRIL: Science fiction from Quebec that isn’t perfect (far from it!) but deserves points for effort.
GRANDMOTHERS RECHARGE WELL!: This Czech satire owes more than a little something to Ray Bradbury’s I SING THE BODY ELECTRIC!/THE ELECTRIC GRANDMOTHER, but taken on its own terms it’s pretty good.
LITTLE HEAVEN BY NICK CUTTER: Here Nick Cutter, of the well-received horror thrillers THE TROOP and THE DEEP, tries his hand at a genre epic of the type popularized by Stephen King and Robert McCammon, with mixed results.
WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN BY LIONEL SHRIVER: Quite popular among the literati and the winner of at least one prestigious award, this is a relentlessly contemplative and intellectual—and, at over 400 pages, vastly overlong—treatment of material that will seem familiar to most horror fans.
THE MAGIC TOYSHOP BY ANGELA CARTER: THE MAGIC TOYSHOP, initially published in 1967, was Carter’s second novel, and evinces all the qualities that would come to define her fiction, namely a love of esoteric detail and a fair amount—though not nearly enough in this case—of perverse invention.

New Commentary:
RANKING THE RANKINGS: THE "BEST" CANADIAN FILMS: It’s been claimed that a third of the world’s most depressing films emerge from Canada and, having viewed many a Canadian film, I believe it.
ON THE INTERFACE SERIES: Here’s something interesting: a horror-science fiction “novel” related entirely in the form of Reddit posts.

Some Past Reviews:
TIDELAND: If you ask me, this Terry Gilliam reverie is exactly what we need right now: a demanding yet enchanting, freaky as hell surreal-fest that promises to shock, bewilder and ultimately delight--though just as likely annoy--potential viewers.
THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE: Tobe Hooper's masterpiece, and one of the cornerstones of modern horror cinena.
EL TOPO: The seminal midnight movie, a mystically-oriented dream-western that still holds up.
WOHI BHAYANAK RAAT: Bollywood horror silliness--nothing more need be said!

Some Past Commentary:
SEXUALITY AND RELIGIOSITY AND VIOLENCE AND WAR AND LOVE AND EVERYTHING: THE CINEMA OF FERNANDO ARRABAL:  Just what the title says: an overview (the first to appear in English, FYI) of the films directed by Spain's demented Fernando Arrabal.
MORE ON HOLY INDIES:  My thoughts on the evengelical cinema, or "Holy Indies," phenomenon.