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Quite simply the most corrosive “Making-of” movie ever made. A filmed diary shot during the making of THE DEMON LOVER, a no-budget horror flick from the seventies, this film shows like no other the general chaos that goes into low-budget moviemaking, and then ends on an outrageous note, with the filmmakers literally running for their lives!

The Package
     DEMON LOVER DIARY became something of a legend after it played the festival circuit back in 1980, but has never been spotted (legally) since. The notoriety is hardly surprising, as it’s far better than THE DEMON LOVER (which was released on video as THE DEVIL MASTER), the unfortunate film that resulted from the misadventures chronicled herein.
     Joel DeMott, the girlfriend of DEMON LOVER’S cinematographer Jeff Kreines, was the maker of DEMON LOVER DIARY, having brought her own camera along to cover the shoot. Donald Jackson and Jerry Younkins directed the movie-within-the-movie, both factory workers who financed the movie through insurance money obtained by an intentional on-the-job accident. Somewhat amazingly, Jackson is still making movies today after the disaster that was DEMON LOVER-that is, if you consider atrocities like ROLLERBLADE and HELL COMES TO FROGTOWN movies.

The Story
     Joel DeMott had no idea what she was in for when she lugged along her camera to cover her boyfriend’s shoot. Things start off on a sour note when Jackson and Younkins try and make DeMott stay behind. She manages to tag along, though, recording it all as things go from bad to worse: neither Jackson or Younkins know what they’re doing, Kreines is a (justified) whiner, and the “actors” can’t ever seem to remember their lines. Anyone who’s ever been witness to a low-budget shoot will recognize the near-constant bickering, backstabbing, long hours, severe money shortage and failed romances that plague DEMON LOVER’S calamitous production. Here, though, the atmosphere turns downright poisonous during the shoot’s final days at the home of rock star Ted Nugent, where Jackson snaps after the crew, fed up with his broken promises, gives him a contract to sign. It ends with a terrified DeMott and Krienes on the run, gunshots ringing out behind them (”they’re shooting at us!” she screams).

The Direction
     This is truly a “diary” and the film is stronger for it. Joel DeMott is the only credited filmmaker; her camerawork is utterly crude throughout and, again, this is all to the better. There is NEVER any question as to the reality of the situation. Unlike the slick, professionally produced documentaries that comprise most “Making-of” fare, there were no outside interests guiding this film, corporate or otherwise. What we’re viewing is raw, unvarnished truth. See it!

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Writer/Producer/Director/etc.: Joel DeMott (“Special Thanks”: Jeff Kreine)
Cast: Donald Farmer, Jerry Younkins, Jeff Kreines, Joel DeMott

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