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Remembering That Which is Better Forgotten: HOT DOG...THE MOVIE and HAMBURGER: THE MOTION PICTURE NEW!
Jack Ketchum: 1946-2018
2017: Bedlam in Print
2017: The Year In Bedlam
2017: A Look Back In Bedlam
Hallmark Channel Christmas Movies
Funnybook Flashback: Xombi
Ranking The Rankings: The "Best" Canadian Films
On The Interface Series
Cult Films In Search of A Cult
Books You Should Be Reading
TV Flashback: Harlan Ellison's Watching
The Good and the Bad of Wild Palms
Thoughts on Twin Peaks: The Return
Tobe Hooper: 1943-2017
TV Flashback: The Necessary Minute of Monsieur Cyclopede
A "Monster Memory" of The Black Hole
George A. Romero: 1940-2017
Comic-Con Questions and Claims
On High School From Hell
Foreign Novels in Translation: My Twelve Most Wanted
TV Flashback: The Rez
Four Films Called Adam
Demon Seed--Novel, Movie and Rewrite
The Curious Case of Jonathan Demme
Remembering That Which is Better Forgotten: Ill-Gotten Gains and Claude's Crib
On Ghost In The Shell, Whitewashing and the Way Things Are
No-budget Sci-Fi Cinema: Ten Good Examples
TV Flashback: Ijon Tichy, Raumpilot
A Trump Era Reading List
Bill Paxton: 1955-2017
I'll Do Anything, With Songs and Without
2016: Bedlam in Print
2016: The Year in Bedlam
2016: A Look Back in Bedlam
Yuletide Horror Fiction
TV Flashback: Les Rois Maudits
The Walking Dead, Censorship and the State of Horror Media
Five Books Called Halloween
The Horror and Fantasy Cinema of Juraj Herz
Short Hair, Beautiful Guts, Slave Girls and Vampire Loins!
Wolfgang and Fiona
Floating Dragon, It and The Talisman--A Trilogy?
Histoires Extraordinaires
TV Flashback: I Giochi del Diavolo
The Brain Plant Tetralogy
Horror Cinema in the Summer of 1986
The Horror Cinema of Walter Hugo Khouri
South African Horror Essentials
In Defense of Sequels: The Sequel
1990s Serial Killer Cinema
On Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine
J.G. Ballard and the Progeny of High-Rise
Film Versus Digital--Which is Better?
Illustrated Oddments
The Comics of 1986: Then and Now
Ten More Essential Unreleased-in-the-U.S. Horror Films
The 2016 Oscar Nominees--Who Cares??
2015: The Year in Horror Publishing
2015: The Year in Horror
2015: A Look Back in Horror
Krampus in Fiction and Film
Roland Topor in English

Hidden Messages and Annoying Commentators
French Horror: An Appreciation
The Big Screen
Chas. Balun and "Piece O' Mind"

Real Life Horror
On Nightmare Alley

The Axolotl in Fiction and Film
On the "Late" Jerome Boivin
The New Beverly Cinema: A Personal History
Horror Movie Behind-the-Scenes Docs

Fine Writing, Poor Packaging: The Novels of Ken Greenhall
Five Reasons Wes Craven was the Most Important Horror Filmmaker of his Generation
Gaspar Noe and the Butcher
On The Duchess of Avila
Jurassic World and the Summer Movie Doldrums
Psycho at 55
Of Love and Cockroaches

The Novels of H.G. Lewis
Jaws at 40
The Bootleg Video Scene: A Requiem
TV Flashback: Neverwhere
The H Word
The Modern Horror Movie: A Diagnosis
The Cleveland Kidnapping: Two Memoirs
Killing Kids
On Chris Cunningham

Eighties Nuke Movies
Scary Kid Lit 2: The Cormier Effect

Scary Kid Lit 1: Fairy Tales
The Tangled Lineage of Belphegor
Better Than Fifty Shades of Grey

On Film Threat Video
2014: A Look Back in Horror

The Books of Blood at 30
Who's Afraid of Chris Elliott?
Horror Graphic Novels: 20 Off-the-Beaten-Track Selections
R.I.P. Glen A. Larson
Horror in the Workplace: 1990-94
My Idea of Fun

Creation Books: 1989-2014
Fight Club at 15
More on Holy Indies

From the Grindhouse to the Arthouse
Thoughts on Fangoria
R.I.P. Graham Joyce
The Two Davids
In Defense of Sequels
The Dregs
On The Tin Drum

Comic-Con 2014

On Writing, Monster Dogs, Chocolate Eggs, a Change of Face and a Slice of Life!
On Cutting Moments
The Movies of 1984
On The Ninth Configuration

R.I.P. H.R. Giger
The Horror Films of Janusz Majewski
Moviegoing Memories
On Dark Romances and Early 90s SOV Horror
Horror and Schizophrenia
2004: A Look Back
My Favorite Year: 1994
On Persona

2013: A Look Back in Horror
Splatter, Maggoty Muppets and Heavenly Creatures: The Early Films of Peter Jackson
Settling for Less
Found on YouTube
A Tribute to Danny Elfman
Scary Facts About Halloween
Ranking the Rankings 2: Horror Film
Ranking the Rankings 1: Horror Fiction
Haunted California
Nutzoid Horror Fiction
Grindhouse Nostalgia: Myth and Reality
The State of the Midnight Movie Circa 2013
The Summer 2013 Movie Season
Topps Trading Card Madness
Comic-Con 2013
Richard Matheson: 1926-2013
Iain Banks: 1954-2013
Notes on the Downfall of M. Night Shyamalan
Remembering the Zebra Books Horror Line
1000 Airplanes on the Roof at 25
The NC-17 Rating: A Good Idea Squandered
The Fantasy Five-Foot Bookshelf Pro and Con
The Dark Side of John Hughes
Jurassic Park at 20
On the Death of Roger Ebert, and Why he Should be Celebrated by Horror Fans
Claude Seignolle in English
The Movie Violence Blame Game
Remembering Chas Balun
The Marquis de Sade on Film
Blockbuster Video: What A Disaster!
2012: A Look Back in Horror


1987: It was Quite A Year
Apocalypse Culture at 25
A Less-than-Admiring Take on the Films of Rafael Corkidi
Marc Behm in English

Ten Films that Should be Cult Classics
Out of Control In Oz: The Novels of Kenneth Cook
(More) Things that Annoy Me About the Horror-Sphere
An Infernal Trio of Dark Fiction
Exploring The Pit
Tony Scott is Dead
Mrs. God vs. Mrs. God

Movie Theater Set Horror Movies: the Top Six
Comic-Con 2012
The Novels of Michael Blodgett
The Cinema of Homage
Remembering The Mann: 1981-2012
Polish Horror Essentials
Russian Horror Essentials
French Horror Essentials
Dante, the Inferno, and A TV Dante: The Inferno
Unreleased in the U.S.A.
A Dirge for Some Dead Dot-Coms

Art, Exploitation and the Cannon Group
Looking Back on Barrel Entertainment
The Top 10 Unreleased-in-the-U.S. Foreign Horror Films
Fantazius Mallare and The Kingdom of Evil

A Look Back in Horror: 2011

Me: A Schizophrenic Self-Interview
Ken Russell has Died
Remembering Scream/Press
I was a Halloween Monster
The Jack Martin Books
All About The Thing
Zombies vs. Cannibals
Jerzy Kosinski and The Painted Bird
A Progress Report on the "New" Fangoria
Raul Ruiz and Horror

More Bad Influences
The 2011 San Diego Comic-Con
Zoran Zivkovic and Kurodahan Press
Thoughts on Batman (1989) and its Offspring

The Apocalypse Quartet of Konstantin Lopushansky
Two Decades of Extreme Cinema
The May, 2011 L.A. Weekend of Horrors
The Undying Horror of the Refrigerator!
The Pledge of Our Discontent

Horror Cinema's Next Big Thing?
The At the Mountains of Madness Movie that Wasn't

The Brave turns 20
The Many Faces of The Face that Must Die
A Look Back in Horror: 2010

Rare Exports: Three Christmas Tales
The Strange Saga of the Exorcist Sequels
Zombies in Film and Fiction
Debunking Some More Stupid Sayings
Horror Movie Trailers: My Favorites
The October, 2010 L.A. Weekend of Horrors II
Analyzing Hatchet II's (Non)Release
R.I.P. Claude Chabrol
2010: The Worst Summer Movie Season Ever?
Ten Nights of Dreams--From Text to Film
If I Did It and "The Killer"
The 2010 San Diego Comic-Con
Joe R. Lansdale, Timothy Truman and Jonah Hex
The Cremaster Cycle
On the (Mis)Fortunes of The Road
The May, 2010 L.A. Weekend of Horrors
Horror Movie Mash-Ups
The Rarest of the Rare
The Ten Most Overrated Horror Movies
Andrei Tarkovsky: Horrormeister?
The Red Book of Carl Jung

A Look Back in Horror: 2009
The (Stephen) King and I
A "Lost" Film Found

The Ring Books
Directed by Clive Barker
The Master and Margarita--The Miniseries
The Movies of Summer '09
Jennifer Slept Here
The State of the Comic-Con
The Blair Witch Project--10 Years Later
Natural Born Killers at 15
Lost Films
Some "Neglected Classics" of the Future
Howard the Duck: The Greatest Movie Ever Made?
The Spirit, Batman and the Decline of Frank Miller
Fangoria's 2009 Los Angeles Weekend of Horrors
A Dissenting View on the DC/Humanoids "Fiasco"
A Krasue Soap Opera
Dracula in Pictures
More on Watchmen
Tracking the Fortunes of the New Friday The 13th
The State of the Midnight Movie Circa 2009

Edgar Allan Poe at 200
Ray Dennis Steckler has Passed

A Look Back in Horror

Scary Facts about Christmas
Remembering Forrest J. Ackerman and Bettie Page
I'm Sick of Star Wars!
Looking Back on Some Bad Influences
Two Books (and One Film) by Ladislav Fuks
Four Essential Books by Michael Blumlein
On Working for Free
R.I.P. Michael Crichton
The Strange Case of the Dueling Klaus Kinski Memoirs
Leaks, Penanggalans and Krasues, Oh My!
Surrealism in collage: The Novels of Max Ernst

A Report on the April 2008 Fangoria Weekend of Horrors
Grappling with The Mist

On Reality, Fiction and Madness: The Novels of Dennis Potter
Cloverfield versus Diary of the Dead
Japanese Cyber-Horror!
Alice in Euroland
The Twisted Fiction of David J. Skal
Where Have All the Projectionists Gone???
On "Holy Indies" and Armageddon!

The Strangest Book in the World!
The Shortcomings of Literary Horror

A Report on Fangoria's May 2007 Weekend of Horrors
Emmanuel Carrere in English
The Jack and Susan Books

The Reaping and Grindhouse: A Tale of Two Flops
Remembering Bob Clark
American Psycho: Fifteen Years Later
The Spawn of El Mariachi
Fangoria's June 2006 Weekend of Horrors
Scattered Thoughts on Imported DVDs and Theatrical Distribution
"Sexuality and Religiosity and Violence and War and Love and Everything:" The Cinema of Fernando Arrabal

Cache & Night of the Living Dead: Mutually Exclusive or Two Sides of the Same Coin?
A Nostalgic Look Back at The New Twilight Zone (1985-89)
Troubling Questions About Land of the Dead, High Tension, The Box Office Slump...and You!
Fangoria's June 2005 Weekend of Horrors


Annoying Trends in Modern Horror Movies

Alien, Predator, Angelina and Ashley

Christmas and Horror: Two Great Tastes that Taste Great Together!
Addio Carmelo
Is Hollywood Overreacting to the Piracy Threat?
The Ten Best Unreleased Horror Movies: 1993-2003
The Gore Boom: Is It A Bust?
Books on Horror Movie Makers: An overview
Some Thoughts on the Summer of '03
Horror Movies and Bootleg Videos Part 3: DVDr's, Cremaster and An Updated Video Distributor List
Horror's Most Sacred Cows...Slaughtered!
Transvestitism, Satan Worship, Mind Control and Mass Murder: The (Later) Films of Philip Yordan
R.I.P. Video Archives
When Rock Stars Make Horror Movies
A Real Shooting In A Real Movie Theater: Another True Life Horror Story
Real Animal Killings In Reel Life

The Layperson's Guide to Modern Living: A True Tale of Terror
DVD Coding: Bullshit In Any Region
The Remake Thing
These Movies DID Play At A Theater Near You...But You Didn't See 'Em!

Why I Hate The Rocky Horror Picture Show
A Progress Report On The Year So Far
Is It Just Me Or Do These Movies Suck?
Horror Movies and Bootleg Videos Part 2: To Trade Or Not To Trade?

Horror Movies and Bootleg Videos: Not Exactly A Match Made In Heaven But A Match Nonetheless
Debunking Some Stupid Sayings

A Few Hundred Words About DVDs
The New Horror Fan