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A singularly pervy British made exploiter from trash movie auteur Wolfgang Büld. It’s engaging, with plenty of over-the-top gore and sex, and even somewhat artistic--although the majority of Büld’s “artistry” consists of him finding creative ways for his leading lady, the fetching Fiona Horsey, to get undressed!

The Package
​     Writer-director Wolfgang Büld and actress Fiona Horsey previously teamed up for PENERATION ANGST (2003; released in the US as ANGST), a saucy number about a man-eating vagina that made quite a splash in Europe. The two reunited for LOVESICK: SICK LOVE (a.k.a. THE CHAMBERMAID; 2004), and again for TWISTED SISTERS (2006). It’s an evil twin movie spiced with frequent castrations (about which Mr. Büld has an evident complex) and lots of soft core screwing. I’m certainly not complaining!

The Story
​     The happy, well adjusted (and damn sexy!) Jennifer lives with her husband in London. She’s unaware she has a psychotic twin sister named Norah, but is clued into that fact when the latter picks up a man in a bar and leaves a castrated corpse in her wake. Norah makes sure that quite a few people see her so the crime will be pinned on Jennifer, who suffers harassment from cops who believe she’s the killer. Before long Norah is found out by the police, who learn that she and Jennifer were abandoned as toddlers, with Jennifer adopted and raised by a well-to-do family while Norah suffered all manner of abuse. She was interned in an insane asylum but recently got let out, and now wants to take over Jen’s life.
     Norah leaves her latest victim in Jennifer’s house. The latter finds the corpse in her bedroom and runs into the bathroom to puke, only to find a severed penis floating in the toilet!
​     Jennifer and her husband decide to relocate to a country home, figuring a change of scenery is what they need. Unfortunately Norah follows, and wastes no time in subduing Jen and taking her place. The first thing she does is have sex with Jen’s hubbie--in plain view of Jennifer!

The Direction
​     Wolfgang Büld’s digitally shot visuals are fairly distinctive, marked by roving handheld camerawork and frequent cutaways. He also has a definite eye for perversity, with his leading lady seen tied up, stripped down and engaged in innumerable sexual trysts.
     As for Fiona Horsey, who’s in nearly every scene, she’s a so-so actress but has a deeply commanding screen presence. Plus she looks even better than she did in PENETRATION ANGST, which nonetheless remains the foremost Büld-Horsey project.
     Do I recommend TWISTED SISTERS? For those with a low tolerance for cinematic stupidity, no, I don’t…but you viewers who enjoy cinematic sleaze served hot and runny are advised to step right up!

Vital Statistics

Dark Black Films

Director: Wolfgang Büld
Producer: Nick P. Coe
Screenplay: Wolfgang Büld
Cinematography: Uwe Bohrer
Cast: Fiona Horsey, Paul Conway, Timo Jacobs, Andrew Southern, Eden Ford, Pietro Herrera, Ghadah Al-Akel, Ben Biles, Wolfgang Büld