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I don't know who you are but if you have a copy of the e-leech in your system you must destroy it immediately! e-leech data is attached.

In brief, the e-leech is a software virus that infects all information processors, including the human brain. The brain is seeded by the virus through the brain's vision processing system. The virus is coded in rhythmic flickers that are processed subliminally. It takes 80 minutes to transmit enough code for the virus to assemble. Then it begins making copies of itself, cannibalizing the brain's information processing system.

As the virus colonizes the brain, the victim becomes psychotic. They seem to recover, but that only means the e-leech has taken over their personalities. As the e-leech continues to grow it cannibalizes the victim's memories, leaving only enough to keep the body alive.

I don't know how you escaped being seeded. It is possible that there is some abnormality in your brain's electrical activity that makes you immune to the virus's code. Whatever the reason, you must not delay. Destroy the e-leech now!