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Somebody's been hacking my system. Nolan may have traced me. He did send me email on the data parasite growing in Dad's brain. He calls it an e-leech. Apparently, that's why Dad was whacking himself on the head. Like a dog scratching its ears when it's got ear mites.

Nolan said that I must have an abnormal brain pattern making me immune to the virus. I guess losing your body causes all sorts of things to get rewired. Anyway, Nolan says to kill it. But I can't yet. Whatever the E-leech put into Dad's head, it's damn well gonna remove!

Wushu's been calling for three days. Our last meeting was so ghastly I'll never forget the look on his face when he saw me in the wheelchair. Whatever was I thinking? Shit.

Unfortunately, I need advice from Wushu about the E-leech. No choice, gotta face him. This is so hard...

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