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JPL has actually confirmed this bio-interface hypothesis.
Az affects human brains! Any high school kid can tell you we're light-years from connecting gray matter to microprocessors...

Anyway, according to Nolan's files JPL believes that the guys holding the hostages are controlled by the alien AI. They think that Az employs the computer monitor to control unsuspecting users! Next they'll be looking for giant ants or something.

dadcomputerMuch as I hate to give this theory creedence, I can't help but wonder if Az is affecting Dad? And if so, is it helping him or making him worse?
What's more, if this brain/processor/monitor logic is correct, then why do I remain unaffected? I'm going to ask Az, but I know what it'll say. More resources needed. What the hell, I'll cannibalize my dad's laptop. And once I get my answers zap! Bye bye Az.

Diary bye 8:49

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