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It's Xmas Eve. But instead of waiting for Santa, I'm waiting for the sheriff.

This stuff is so hard to say. Dad went BONKERS about an hour ago. He tried to shoot his computer but the gun wouldn't fire. dad's wildspace watch out mom!
Mom grabbed the gun and ran outside.She threw it into the septic tank. Dad started screeching like some kind of monkey or something and took off into the woods.

What the hell is happening to Dad? His journal is totally incoherent. Mom called the sheriff. They sent a couple of deputies to look for him. And they said to lock all the doors. Mom can't stop crying.05momsad.jpg 4.60 K

I'm crying too, a real drag when you can't wipe your eyes, and I got the hiccups which confuses my voice recognition program. But while Mom's out of earshot I can go on line. I gotta know what's happening at JPL.

Diary bye 07:24

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