the vault conference room
Troll: Everybody on?
Wushu: yo.
IBMac: What's the emergency?whazzup?
Troll: What I got will blow you Dimension X pervs away sans dildonics. How do you feel about the Shadow Force committing the Supreme Ultimate Hack?
IBMac: Not the White House again...
Troll: Chicken feed. Our New Target: The Galileo Spacecraft. It's about to launch a probe into Jupiter's atmosphere. I've attached some bullshit about the Galileo Mission. We can crack NASA and grab probe data straight from the big J.
Wushu: nasa = killer hack but bad bust.
Troll: No shit Sherlock. That's what makes it so great. IB's up for it right, Babe? Hey, what's the Shadow Force anyway?
Wushu: we're baaaaad.
IBMac: Way bad!